Zinc Die Casting'S Production Precautions

Zinc Die Casting is a production precaution:

1. The development and production of die-cast zinc alloys in hydro-zinc smelting enterprises avoid the secondary remelting of zinc ingots, which is beneficial to save energy and reduce alloy production costs.


2. The new process utilizes the alloy melting of copper in the zinc melt, so it can be directly smelted at low temperatures. This method overcomes the shortcomings of the conventional two-step smelting method and is economical, convenient, and practical.


3. It is advisable to choose a power frequency coreless induction furnace for alloy preparation because the furnace has good sealing properties and charcoal can be added or not covered in the process, and due to the automatic stirring of the melt, the alloy composition can be uniform and the slagging effect Good, and can reduce labor intensity and facilitate operation.



4. The addition of a refining agent can significantly improve the quality of die-cast zinc alloy ingots, but at the same time the melting loss rate of the alloy increases accordingly, so the amount of refining agent added should be controlled as appropriate.