What Die Steel is Better for Stamping Stainless Steel?

What mold steel is better for stamping stainless steel (or other materials)?

Conventional grades of die steel, stamping stainless steel, will encounter the punch material quickly cracking, the die is not durable. Normally choose the die steel of conventional grades. If the hardness is high, the punch material is easy to crack; while the hardness is low, the punch is easy to wear or bend. In addition to the current die steel market environment, vicious low-price competition, the quality of die steel is also uneven, even if you are willing to spend more on genuine products, you may not be able to buy high-quality die steel.

First of all, we must understand what problems are encountered in the process of stamping stainless steel, and it will be much easier to prescribe the right medicine.

The selection of materials should be based on your actual situation, and specific problems should be analyzed in detail:

1. What kind of material is stamped?

2. What is the thickness of the material being washed?

3. What is the rushing speed (how many times a minute)? If you can provide the grade of the material you are currently using and the reason for the failure, you can provide you with the best choice and increase the service life of your mold.

The problems generally encountered, such as: chipping, chipping, fracture, non-wearing, napping, burrs, deformation. Die steel must solve the problem and have high requirements for toughness, strength, wear resistance, and other properties.

1. The non-wear resistance is caused by insufficient hardness, strength and wear resistance.

2, cracks, fractures, and burrs are generally caused by insufficient toughness.

Common stainless steel stamping die materials are recommended as follows:

1) Ordinary stamping die steel: Cr12MoV, SKD11, D2, DC53 although the price is relatively low, but it is prone to cracking problems.

2) Hot stamping die steel: ASSAB UNIMAX, 1.8566, DAC55, Dievar, 1.2367, these materials have higher high temperature resistance than other materials, and at the same time have good toughness and strength.

3) High-speed stamping (fine blanking die steel): SKH9, SKH51, M2, M42, ASP23, ASP60, HAP10, HAP40, etc. are all better choices.

4) High-end stamping die materials: powder high-speed steel V4, V10, ASP23, ASP60. The disadvantage is that the price is particularly high. No other shortcomings.

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