What are The Hardware Fitting Generally Included?

Hardware fitting refer to machine parts or components made of hardware, and some small hardware products. It can be used alone or as an aid. Such as hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, construction hardware, and security supplies.

Most small hardware products are not final consumer goods. Rather, they are used as supporting products for industrial manufacturing, semi-finished products, and tools used in the production process. Only a small part of daily-use hardware products (accessories) are consumer tools necessary for people's lives.

After the hardware accessories arrive in the warehouse, the warehouse manager will notify the professional department to inspect:  

1. Metal materials are inspected by the mold department;  

2. Other mechanical and electrical products and hardware accessories are inspected by the Mechanical and Electrical Department;  

3. The special hardware matching gold shall be inspected by the electromechanical contact user department. The materials that have passed the inspection shall be checked into the warehouse after the quantity is correct.

Our products mainly cover automobiles, motorcycles, auto parts, luggage, medical equipment (wheelchairs), lights, LEDs, locks, connectors, elbows, strollers, belt buckles, and hardware accessories.

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