What Are The Advantages of Die Casting Products?

Die casting products have the following five advantages

1. High production efficiency: Compared with other processing techniques, die-casting can produce complex products with higher precision, and no or only minor secondary machining is required to ensure accuracy. And the life of die-casting molds can reach tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pieces.

2. High dimensional accuracy and good stability: Die-casting parts have the characteristics of durability and dimensional stability, and can maintain high precision.

3. Strong strength and light weight: Compared with injection molded parts of the same size, die castings have better strength. Compared with other casting production processes, die casting can have thinner wall thickness and lighter weight. Moreover, since no welding or riveting methods are used, the strength of die castings is better than other assemblies.

4. Various surface treatment methods: Die-casting parts can be treated with various smooth or textured surfaces. And only a very simple pre-treatment is required, and the product can easily complete the surface treatment process.

5. Simple and quick assembly: Die casting parts can be assembled with various fasteners, such as screws and screws. The hole position can be assembled by drilling and tapping, and even the screw can be put into the mold and die-cast with the product.

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