Reasons For the Continued Decline in Motorcycle Sales in My Country

In recent years, the sales of Motorcycle parts factory in my country have continued to decline. Among them, the domestic market has shrunk severely under the dual pressure of the ban on motorcycles and market adjustments. In the context of the gradual shrinking of the domestic market for motorcycles, motorcycle manufacturers are focusing on overseas market development, increasing their efforts to develop overseas markets, and transferring pressure from the domestic market.

From the perspective of the regional distribution of my country's motorcycle exports, after years of hard work, domestic motorcycle companies have successfully implemented the international market diversification strategy. Motorcycle exports have developed from relying solely on the Southeast Asian market to a good situation in which multiple export markets have developed together.

China’s motorcycle export situation has declined, but the geographical climate and economic conditions in Asia, Africa and South America determine its long-term and stable demand for motorcycles. With regional political stability and economic recovery, these regions still have a certain demand potential. . After long-term development, Chinese motorcycle manufacturers have formed long-term and stable markets in these areas, and there is still a certain market space in overseas markets.

The overall production and sales status of the motorcycle industry is closely related to the development of a wide range of motorcycle parts and components. The strong demand of the motorcycle industry will directly drive the development of the parts industry, and when the overall development of the motorcycle industry is blocked, the parts industry as a whole also shows a gradual decline.

However, due to failure factors and replacement demand for parts, the decline of the parts industry will be slower than that of the entire motorcycle industry. Therefore, in recent years, the motorcycle industry has declined due to the ban on motorcycles in cities, but the decline of the parts industry has been Not obvious. Like automobiles, motorcycle parts are the basis for product innovation.

From the perspective of technical structure, motorcycle is a complex overall system, which is composed of engine, fuel supply, ignition, transmission, walking, braking, control and other sub-systems, involving hundreds of Auto parts factory.