Precautions for Casting Production

The production of Power tools die casting part is inseparable from the development and manufacturing of molds. Mold design is currently a relatively high-income occupation in the manufacturing industry. The time required to start the industry to have the design ability varies from three to five years, depending on each person's conditions and opportunities. Die design practitioners have different levels of diplomas. There are elementary school diplomas and university undergraduates. The elementary school diplomas are all led by relatives. They may be very young when they enter the industry. When they graduate from college, they may be very senior in the industry. . In general, there is a lack of generalists in mold design in the industry, and most of them are designed for product design rather than design for production capacity. Design talents with a local view of production capacity are still very rare in the market.

The reasons for this status quo are: 1. The lack of specialized talent training programs in China; 2. Die-casting production environment is difficult, high temperature and heat at the die-casting site, serious oil pollution and certain dangers, resulting in designers not having a deep understanding of the site; 3. Die-casting Most of the companies are small and medium-sized processing companies, and the environment is not enough to see the whole world, causing the short-sightedness of the mold designers; 4. Most of the die-casting enterprise executives have little or no knowledge of the die-casting technology, and guiding errors limit the mold designers.

The operation of die-casting requires various inspections such as material element analysis, mechanical property measurement formula, etc., and slagging and degassing before production. Only qualified materials can produce qualified castings.

After the materials are prepared, you can start die-casting. The normal process of die-casting is inseparable from the fine process settings and the daily maintenance of the repairer and electrician. The die-casting process of die-casting is the soul of die-casting enterprises, and is the most critical process parameter. It is designed and planned from the beginning of the project development, and then the mold design is further in-depth study and continuous testing during die-casting.

The stability of the die-casting process is a key indicator to test whether a die-casting team is excellent, a key factor for the business ability of a die-casting enterprise, and a key lever for profitability.

At present, the large-scale die-casting plant of the control department of die-casting process in the enterprise is generally controlled by the personnel of the engineering department. Compared with the on-site personnel of the die-casting department, the personnel of the engineering department have a higher education level, and have smoother contact with the outside world. However, there is also the problem of insufficient on-site experience. Most small and medium-sized die-casting companies are determined by the die-casting department staff. The discussion on die-casting process parameters is quite controversial, a bit of a blind person's narrow taste, and most of them only know the problem of lack of overall understanding. Therefore, the training of Zinc die casting technology talents still has a lot of development.