Briefly analyze the inspection knowledge of aluminum die casting before use

Last time we talked about some of the characteristics and advantages of aluminum die-casting, then today we will talk about the inspection knowledge of aluminum die-casting before use.
Aluminum die casting is a very advantageous product. It is very necessary to use it reasonably. Many places in life will choose to use aluminum die casting, and the value of the product itself will be very high.
Aluminium pressure casting is mainly checked before use.
In the current machinery industry, the development of the machinery industry is very rapid, the development is more and more extensive, and the development of its technology is getting better and better. The main development is better. It uses the gravity itself to cast the goods. The forging technique is completely based on the physical principle, and the protection of the environment is better than some others, so we should pay attention to it before production.
Aluminum die casting inspection
Aluminum die casting often uses its penetration test to detect its coloration. It wets or sprays the colored liquid with its high permeability on the surface of the casting. The penetrant penetrates into the opening defect and quickly wipes off the surface permeate layer. An easy-to-dry display agent (also called an imaging agent) is sprayed onto the surface of the casting. After the penetrating agent remaining in the opening defect is sucked out, the indicator agent is dyed to reflect the shape, size and distribution of the defect. .