How Does the Hardware Fitting Industry Break through the Traditional Marketing Pattern?

In recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce has opened the door to emerging development for many traditional industries, broke the traditional marketing pattern, and brought new dawn. The Hardware fitting industry is no exception. Recently, as the online development of "hardware fitting" has become popular, it once attracted more traditional businesses to pay attention to online development. With the rise of the hardware fitting industry, the design era of China's furniture hardware fitting industry has quietly arrived. At the same time, design is increasingly becoming a bottleneck restricting the development of China's furniture hardware fitting industry. Professor Hu Jingchu of the Central South Forestry University once summarized the current situation of Chinese furniture design as "five more and five less"-more imitation, less creation, more commonality, less individuality, more international forms, less national forms, more large-scale products, less fine products, There are many miscellaneous brands and few famous brands. The design of furniture hardware also has the same problem.

The rapid development of network technology has prepared the conditions for the prevalence of e-commerce. Since its development, e-commerce has rapidly changed from the initial unknown and unbelievable to the understanding, recognition and full use of thousands of enterprises and individuals. The information age has become inevitable. Both domestically and internationally, emerging development models of e-commerce have sprung up in popularity. More and more traditional industries have embarked on online development, and the network marketing models of various industries have also changed from the original " "Widecasting" has become the current "targeted search".

The design level, manufacturing technology and management level of my country's furniture hardware fitting are still relatively backward, and they are still immature compared with industrialized countries. The industry faces fierce market competition. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the design and production level of furniture hardware fitting through high technology, and to accelerate the development with advanced management, so that my country's furniture hardware fitting industry can reach a new level.

At present, "hardware fitting" not only realizes online development, but also realizes multi-faceted coverage of mobile client, domain name, and triple play. Fully realize the three-dimensional integrated development model of online and offline. The emergence of the "hardware fitting" platform not only broadens the marketing channels of the hardware fitting industry, but also realizes the innovative integration of the hardware fitting industry and the Internet, enriches the industrial chain of the hardware industry, and forms continuous industry influence and social influence. The innovative development of the entire traditional industry provides a reference.

With the development of the times, traditional industries are gradually integrating with the Internet and mobile Internet, complementing each other. Traditional industries rely on the development of the Internet industry. The Internet industry must be built on the basis of Auto parts factory industries. Effectively combining the two must be one Significant business opportunities.