Die-Casting Parts For Motorcycles: How Effective Is It?

Evaluation of aluminum die castings for motorcycles. Traditionally, motorcycle parts are made by sand casting. In order to produce more volume and improve the specifications of parts in a shorter time, manufacturing companies began to switch to die casting. Aluminum die-casting parts for motorcycles have better finish and stronger structure.


Usually, the first notable die-cast parts of a motorcycle are the electric motor and the frame. They are made of aluminum, usually A380 grade. The frame design of the motor is very complicated. It has ridges, holes and notches to accommodate the engine, screws and other accessories. This difficult design is best made by die casting. In order to manufacture die castings for motorcycles, a pair of molds are used as cavities. Molten aluminum is processed in a "cold" chamber casting process at a lower temperature.


You can easily find the elaborate aluminum motor housing. The smooth exterior finish indicates that finishing can be done, such as trimming excess aluminum and sanding the surface. The modern method of casing is central vacuum die casting, and cold chamber casting is still used. In some cases, certain parts of the motor are cast separately. Then, they will be connected by screws or welding.



Die castings for motorcycles were also evaluated based on porosity. It can be checked under a microscope. Porosity refers to the number and size of bubbles in the finished motor housing. There are more bubbles, which means your box may easily fail or break due to heat or impact.



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