Comparison of Hardware Fitting Industry at Home and Abroad

Hardware fitting have become a key factor in the overall quality of furniture. Relying on e-commerce, the furniture hardware industry has obtained a new effective marketing model to meet the furniture needs of a large number of young people.

The status quo of the domestic hardware industry lies in encountering design bottlenecks. There are a wide variety of hardware currently on the market. Good professional hardware manufacturers will devote their time to the design of their own products. Famous foreign manufacturers continue to develop new products, bringing a new look to the design of furniture hardware fitting. Today, the products tend to be homogenized. The powerful manufacturers use advanced technology to design more humane functions and more fashionable appearances for their products, making them closely connected with the changes in furniture styles. According to the survey, for those small stainless steel hardware fitting manufacturers and enterprises, the use of foreign hardware fitting is an important way for them to quickly improve the grade and popularity of their products.

The status of foreign hardware fitting in domestic furniture products is inseparable from its own advantages. Foreign hardware fitting have become the main symbol of high-end furniture. Although some large domestic furniture companies have gained a certain reputation, in order to adapt to the fierce market competition in the field of high-end furniture, they have to use a large number of foreign hardware fitting to further expand their products in the market.

There are hundreds of brands of furniture hardware fitting in the domestic market, but there are few companies that really have a certain reputation in the market, especially the domestic hardware fitting products can enter the ranks of high-end products even fewer. The majority of hardware fitting manufacturers should realize that the design level, manufacturing technology and management level of my country's furniture hardware fitting are still relatively backward, and they are still immature compared with industrialized countries. The design era of China's furniture hardware fitting industry has quietly arrived. At the same time, design is increasingly becoming a bottleneck restricting the development of China's furniture hardware fitting industry. Hardware enterprises must improve the design and production level of furniture hardware fitting through high-tech, and accelerate the development with advanced management, so that my country's furniture hardware fitting industry can reach a new level.

In a specific environment, because a specific technology or brand is ahead of other companies in the same industry, it will inevitably drive the development of the entire company. For example, hardware is branded and unbranded. In short, once a hardware lock company has an advanced patented technology, it will be copied repeatedly. This is a major drawback in the Motorcycle parts factory industry and the company needs to work hard to get rid of it.