China's Motorcycle Parts Industry Needs to Establish an Innovation System

  1. Differentiated Motorcycle parts factory development plan

A good product development plan is the concrete realization of the company's development strategy and the basic guarantee for the realization of the company's brand strategy. Enterprises should base on the comprehensive analysis and integration of their own conditions, development direction, brand characteristics, resource potential and other aspects, and formulate differentiated product plans that meet their own corporate characteristics.

According to the company's own characteristics, the product development series is formulated, based on the series, and longitudinally developed in chronological order, forming a generation system with its own distinctive characteristics. Through international cooperation, commissioned development, cooperative development to independent development, product technology accumulation and technological advantages are formed, so that the company's product development and market demand form an interactive rhythm.

  1. Establish China's motorcycle key parts innovation system

Innovative parts of the product are the foundation. At present, many companies in the industry have developed large-displacement motorcycles, some of which have not been able to be produced for a long time, and some problems frequently occur after mass production. The main reason is that some of our key parts are of poor quality or poor production consistency. The component innovation and guarantee system is the basis and guarantee for the technological innovation, advanced performance and stable quality of the whole vehicle product.

Strengthen the planning, coordination, support and guidance of product development, technology introduction, production management and quality assurance system in the field of key motorcycle parts and components, and realize the comprehensive improvement of technology, quality, management and other aspects of the parts industry. China's motorcycle key parts innovation system. The key parts guarantee system participated by many outstanding parts production and research enterprises. At the same time, it has realized the scale effect of leading the development of parts and components, ensuring stable performance and quality, and sharing cost and risk.

  1. Marketing strategies to adapt to the new situation

Marketing strategy is an important part of enterprise development. Show the brand to the society, provide services, lead culture, improve taste and quality; guide users and cultivate the market in the process of providing products and services, so that they can be integrated with corporate culture and brand; while making progress with society The brand is developed.

Rural areas are currently the most important motorcycle market in China, but rural areas are by no means the only market for Chinese motorcycle products, and China’s rural motorcycle market should never be synonymous with low quality and low prices. Establishing a corporate marketing strategy that adapts to the new situation is an important part of corporate transformation and upgrading.

The traditional marketing method of motorcycles in our country is to use a unitized self-province city to township multi-level agency distribution method for wholesale and retail. This marketing model is due to the fact that our motorcycle products are mainly marketed in rural areas and sink to the terminal distribution method. With the changes in market demand and product structure, we must establish a motorcycle culture, service and organization of motorcycle activities. The main diversified marketing model. For leisure and entertainment products, focus on exploring large and medium-sized cities and their surrounding regional markets. Establish a new and diversified marketing model based on the rural market and developing the mid-to-high-end product market, and establish a profit model based on product technology and culture and service as added value. Shift from simply selling products to selling culture and services, and expand the market for motorcycle products, motorcycle clothing, motorcycle modification, and Auto parts factory and entertainment.