Benefits Of Zinc Die Casting

The benefits of using zinc for die casting include:


Faster die casting process: The two main die casting processes are hot chamber die casting and cold chamber die casting. Aluminum die casting requires a cold chamber method, which can only perform two or three injections per minute. On the other hand, zinc die castings use hot chamber die castings, which can be shot four to five times per minute, which saves you time and money.


Maximum strength and hardness: Zinc parts are naturally stronger than aluminum or magnesium parts without any special treatment. In fact, some zinc alloys have twice the strength of A380 aluminum alloy and 15 times the hardness of A380 aluminum alloy.


Greater flexibility: Zinc is a very fluid metal. It is easier to machine than aluminum and gives you more options when casting parts. Using zinc, you can shape complex parts with thin walls. This ability makes up for the fact that aluminum is lighter than zinc.


Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity: Zinc has good electrical conductivity. As more and more automotive systems rely more and more on electronic equipment, zinc becomes more and more important.


High corrosion resistance: Zinc parts exposed to the environment will maintain a longer appearance. As a result, you can extend the life of the mold without continuous maintenance.
Environmental protection and sustainability: The use of sustainable resources to produce products is more important than ever.
Zinc die casting is an environmentally friendly process, and it is easy to recycle zinc parts into new zinc alloys.


Better stability and finish: Compared with other metal alloys, zinc has higher dimensional stability, and has excellent finish characteristics, making the product attractive and beautiful.


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